4 Reasons Why It Is Better To Sell Your House Directly vs. Hiring A Columbia SC Real Estate Agent

You’ve decided to sell your home. You’re constantly asking yourself whether you should employ an agent to market your home within Columbia SC, NY. Are you prepared to pay a large commission? How long do you want to wait to be offered? What is the time frame to complete the transaction? What kind of repairs do you need to do? What will the appearance of your house be as I head out for work the next morning? Are you willing to show your home on a 24-hour notice, or even less?


If you opt to sell your house by direct sale to a professional house purchaser who is located in Columbia SC, NY, you won’t have to go through an emotional rollercoaster. There’s no annoying calls in the middle of dinner asking you to be willing to showcase your home. There’s no need to fret about ensuring your house is clean every day before going to work, in case there’s an opening while you’re gone. There’s no need to be concerned about running into buyers’ agents or clients or asking questions aren’t really necessary to answer. Additionally, you won’t have concerns about potential buyers having a debate with you about what furniture you’re taking and what furniture you’re leaving behind.

Commissions and Fees

Agents who represent you in real estate are compensated on a percentage of value of the house you are selling. If you don’t use an agent then there will be no commissions due to a buyer’s or agent for sellers. This means you will save thousands saved! The standard commission rate is 3percent per day which means that if you decide to sell your home for $400,000 you’d be required to pay $24,000 of the proceeds as commissions on their own, and the typical closing costs for sellers as well as any other fees that could be incurred for the agent who closes as well as the office of the real estate agent. Real estate investors usually don’t charge commissions or transaction fees. If they do, they are quite cheap when compared to other businesses. Looking to sell your house fast for cash? We beat the other guys’ offers. get a quote

Waiting Time Frame

Real estate agents are able to access an online service called the Multiple Listing Service or MLS which lets your property be found when searching for certain characteristics of a home. It sounds great however, how long will it remain in the marketplace? How quickly will you be receiving offers? Direct home buyers usually have a network of other buyers for houses So if your house isn’t in their portfolio and they don’t have it, it might fit the other members’ portfolios. This implies a very short waiting period to receive an offer. Additionally, if you sell your home within Columbia SC, NY directly to buyers who are house-buyers usually close quicker than traditional buyers and will typically pay the full amount in cash. Traditional home purchases generally require approval from banks and mortgage underwriting times, inspection of the property, and the buyer might not be able to qualify in the final.

Inspections & Repairs

Professional home buyers in NY typically buy houses in their current condition. As an owner, this means that you don’t have to think about repairs prior to closing or other charges you weren’t planning on. Some companies don’t require inspections, which allows for a totally in-the-moment transaction. When you hire an agent for real estate and the agent for the buyer usually will request an examination of your property. If they discover something amiss in the structure of the property and structure, they might ask the repair by paying for it before the property is sold.

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