Serena Williams – Behavioral Management on the Tennis Court and in the Classroom

On september 12, 2009 the the big apple instances ran a piece of writing entitled, “clijsters wins on penalty assessed on williams.” in quick, after a foot foul changed into known as against her, serena williams lost her temper and threatened the line decide with each a ball and a racquet. It simply so came about that the point assessed towards williams become “sport factor.”

As an educator, i don’t in reality care what befell on the tennis court docket. But, i am very intrigued by way of ms. Williams’ behavior. Why would she have jeopardized so much through aggressively going after the line decide?

Why do people lose their tempers and get aggressive in the direction of others? This might be a question that psychologists can solution more correctly than educators. However, as a instructor who works with college students it’s miles often incumbent upon me to help college students reflect onconsideration on their own conduct. Indeed, it is fair to say that each one educators ought to help college students learn how to paintings, and socialize, nicely with other human beings.

One manner that educators ask students to think about negative conduct is to invite why they do sure things. However, i would guess that scholars frequently do not know why they behave in precise ways. They act on their own impulses and haven’t any idea why their impulses lead them to act in those methods. How Much Are Tennis Shoes Teachers have long considering discovered to ask youngsters why they behave in unique approaches. But, a few teachers probable do not recognize behavioral motivation notably better than their college students.

I’m no longer announcing that i have all of the answers. I absolutely don’t.

However, perhaps human beings act aggressively when they suppose that some thing has been accomplished unfairly towards them. Human beings act aggressively when they feel threatened. Serena williams wanted to win the suit. A choose made a call in opposition to her. She likely worried, both rationally or intuitively, that her probabilities were fading. She failed to want to lose so she struck out. A recreation is a game. Professional athletes need to behave better.

But, educators don’t simplest have a duty to activate students to act better. We additionally have the obligation to create contexts in which college students experience secure, contexts in which college students do now not sense threatened. If we can not create ideal contexts, we want to help college students apprehend why they sometimes feel threatened in positive conditions and increase strategies for overcoming these challenging feelings.

Really, a completely hard assignment! However, no person ever said that teaching is easy paintings.

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